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Seats 70 comfortably

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Ashtead Balti

Balti Dishes

Balti dishes are home style cooking prepared with a combination

of herbs and spices that makes this dish very popular,

garnished with tomatoes  & fresh coriander. Served with nan bread.

CHICKEN                                                                         £9.75

LAMB BALTI                                                                    £9.95

PRAWN BALTI                                                                 £9.95

KING PRAWN BALTI                                                      £12.95

CHICKEN TIKKA BALTI                                                £9.95

TANDOORI CHICKEN BALTI                                        £9.95

CHICKEN SAG BALTI                                                     £10.75

CHICKEN & MUSHROOM BALTI                                 £10.75

CHICKEN TIKKA JALFREZI BALTI  (hot)                     £10.75

KEEMA BALTI MINCED LAMB                                     £9.95

VEGETABLE BALTI                                                         £8.75

Balti Madras Fairly hot,

CHICKEN MADRAS BALTI                                                               £9.75

LAMB MADRAS BALTI                                                                      £9.95

CHICKEN TIKKA MADRAS BALTI                                                  £9.95

PRAWN MADRAS BALTI                                                                   £9.95

KING PRAWN MADRAS BALTI                                                        £12.95

Balti Dupiaza Cooked with lots of onions - Medium

CHICKEN/LAMB DUPIAZA BALTI                                                   £10.25

LAMB DUPIAZA BALTI                                                                      £10.45

CHICKEN TIKKA DUPIAZA BALTI                                                  £10.45  

PRAWN DUPIAZA BALTI                                                                   £10.45

KING PRAWN DUPIAZA BALTI                                                        £12.95

Balti Pathia Cooked with onions & tomato puree – Hot

Sweet and sour taste.

CHICKEN PATHIA BALTI                                                                 /£10.25

LAMB PATHIA BALTI                                                                        /£10.45

CHICKEN TIKKA PATHIA BALTI                                                     £10.45

PRAWN PATHIA BALTI                                                                      £10.45

KING PRAWN PATHIA BALTI                                                           £12.95

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