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Ashtead Balti

 House Specialities

CHICKEN TIKKA DUPIAZA                                                £8.25

Charcoal grilled chicken grilled in fried onions

BUTTER CHICKEN                                                                £8.25

Barbecued chicken tossed in butter with cultured yoghurt,

fresh cream, and served in an exotic sauce.

LAMB SHATH KHANIA                                                        £8.25

Lamb cooked in a blend of exotic spices with fresh chillies

CHICKEN/LAMB PASANDA                                       £8.25£8.95

A delicious mild dish of chicken /lamb pieces cooked over

Charcoal, then served in a delicate sauce with fresh cream,

Spices herbs & almonds

KING PRAWN PASANDA                                                    £11.95

GARLIC CHICKEN CHILLI MOSSALLA                            £8.25

Cooked with fresh garlic chillies and assorted spices

CHICKEN/LAMB REZALLA                                        £8.25/£8.95

Cooked with minced llamb

PESHWARI CHICKEN/LAMB                                     £8.25/£8.95

Chicken/Lamb marinated with Tandoori spices & cooked

With capsicum, tomatoes & onions

CHICKEN SAGWALA                                                           £8.25

Cooked with fresh spinach & medium spices.

CHICKEN TIKKA/ LAMB TIKKA MOSSALLA        £8.25/£8.45  Very popular dish cooked off the bone in a special sauce

TANDOORI KING PRAWN MOSSALLA                            £11.95

JALFREZI                                       CHICKEN £8.25 LAMB £8.95

Chicken/Lamb cooked dry & fiery with onions & peppers

& fresh green chiliies

KARAHI                                        CHICKEN £8.25 LAMB £8.95

Chicken/Lamb cooked in a medium thick blend with roasted

Peppers & onion chunks

Chef’s Specialities

MURGH  PAAKAA KOLA                                                                          £9.25

Chicken with a mild blend of fresh banana, fresh cream,

 herbs & spices.

BADAMI BAHAR                                                                                         £9.25

Chicken cooked in a medium blend of roasted nuts & combined with

traditional herbs & spices

BAKOOL CHINGRI                                                                                     £11.95

Shelled king prawns cooked with traditional herbs & spices

in a medium sauce.

PALAK CHINGRI                                                                                        £11.95

Shelled king prawns cooked in a medium blend of spinach & garlic

CHINGR TOKH                                                                                           £11.95

Shelled king prawns with tomatoes simmered in a tangy sauce.

PANEER JHINGA                                                                                        £12.95

Jumbo shelled king prawns cooked in homemade Indian cheese,

Fresh  green  chillies, herbs & spices. Medium.

 ASHTEAD SPECIAL MOSSALA                                                               £10.95

Chicken cooked with minced lamb in exotic spices with spiced eggs.

GARLIC FISH                                                                                              £11.95

Fresh Bangladeshi fish cooked with fresh garlic, tomatoes,

Herbs, spices & coriander – served on a special tawa dish.,

JAFLONG                                                                                                £9.95/£9.95

 Chicken /Lamb cooked with fresh green chillies, kudu

(Indian pumkin)  herbs & spices. – served on a special tawa dish.

CHICKEN BAHAR                                                                                      £9.25

Breast of chicken cooked in medium spices.

KING PRAWN BAHAR                                                                               £12.95

cooked with red & green peppers with coriander in medium spices.

MITA CHICKEN                                                                                          £9.25
Chicken cooked with blended mangoes creamy & mild

LAMB CHANA                                                                                            £9.95
soft pieces of lamb cooked in medium spice with chick peas

MURG AUR BEGUN                                                                                   £10.95
chicken cooked in charcoal oven with an aubergine medium spiced

Mulghai Special

Please make a reservation for these dishes by giving 5 days notice.

Recommended for 3 to 4 people.

KURZI CHICKEN                                                                                      £60.00

Whole chicken marinated in Chef’s special recipe, stuffed with

Minced lamb and egg,roasted in the oven and served with exotic sauce, Cauliflower Bhaji , mixed vegetables ,Special rice & nan bread.

KURZI LAMB                                                                                             £70.00

LEG OF LAMB marinated in Chef’s special recipe, roasted in

the oven and served with exotic sauce, Sag Mossalla,

Mushroom Bhaji ,Rice & nan bread.

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