Recently  refurbished contemporary restaurant,

Seats 70 comfortably

1-5 Rectory Lane



 KT21 2BA

Tel 01372 277245/277679

Ashtead Balti


CHICKEN CHAT                                                                          £3.95

Small Juicy pieces of chicken cooked in hot spicy & sour sauce

CHICKEN/LAMB TIKKA                                                            £3.95/£4.25

TANDOORI CHICKEN                                                                £3.95

MALAI CHICKEN.                                                                       £4.25

Grilled Chicken marinated with Yoghurt, spices, garlic &

Garnished with fresh mint.

KATHI KEBAB                                                                             £4.25

Grilled minced lamb seasoned with spices and sesame seeds

PRAWN PUREE                                                                           £4.95

Well  spiced prawns cooked in a thick, slightly hot sauce,

served on a thin deep fried bread.

SAMOSA LAMB/VEGETABLE                                                  £3.50/£3.25

KING PRAWN BUTTERFLY/PUREE                                         £5.25

TANDOORI FISH                                                                         £5.25

Bangladeshi fish marinated in yoghurt. Spices

and cooked in a clay oven

MIXED PLATTER                                                                        £5.25

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka & onion bhaji

CHOT POTI                                                                                  £3.75

Chick Peas, chunky potatoes & onions served in a sweet

& sour tamarind sauce.

ONION BHAJI                                                                              £3.25

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