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Ashtead Balti Ashtead Balti vegetable dish



PALAK BAHAR                                                                                       

Fresh spinach cooked with garlic & onions.

CHANA BAHAR                                                                                      

Chick peas cooked in masala sauce & garnished with fresh coriander.

KOMBI BAHAR                                                                                       

Button mushrooms cooked with light spices &

garnished with fresh coriander.

GOPI ALOO                                                                                              

Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with cumin seed & onions.

ALOO BAHAR                                                                                          

Tossed potatoes & onions mixed with herbs & spices.

PALAK PANEER                                                                                      

Combination of fresh spinach & cheese prepared with

traditional herbs & spices.

PALAK ALOO                                                                                          

Fresh spinach & potatoes seasoned with garlic & herbs.

SHABZI BHAJI                                                                                         

Melange of garden vegetables spiced with authentic herbs & spices.

BHINDI BHAJI                                                                                         

Chopped okra, pan fried with light spices & garnished with

fresh coriander leaves.

ROSHUNI DALL                                                                                      

Rare blend of mixed lentils & mustard seeds with a hint of garlic.

BEGUN BHAJI                                                                                          

A combination of chunky tomatoes & onions tempered with

fresh coriander & garlic.

BRINJAL BHAJI                                                                                       

Lightly spiced aubergines flavoured with onions & coriander.

BADAMI VEGETABLE                                                                            

ONION BHAJI                                                                                          

SWEETCORN BHAJI                                                                              

Sweetcorn cooked on a flat plan with onions spices & coriander

GAZOR BHAJI                                                                                         

Lightly spiced carrots flavoured with onions & coriander                                                                 

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